Training Day 3

SQL 2005+ –> xml is a regular data type
xml–> w3school–> xml is all about format
Select Produ…..
From Prod….
FOR XML RAW(‘Product’), ROOT(‘Products’), element, xmlschema
google–>Invent Data–> actually xml
Proper formated xml file in a text file:
Save your SELECT query results in XML file to Text File
Dump XML into SQL
 .query = select xml
google—> Q316005
google—-> 15Seconds xml dml
google—> XML Data Modification Language Workbench
View all permissions:
google—> sp_depends — do it before drop any view
Hardcoded View criteria:
where groupname like ‘Manu%’
Stored Procedure 
google—> IMPERSONATE—-Permission to user
Execute as login===OS level
Execute as user::::: SQL user level
REVERT; ==== bock to one level….
By simplemsexchange Posted in SQL 2008

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