Creating a virtual machine

1) VMware vSphere – It is client tools of ESX server by which you can create and manage virtual machine. Download it from (it is VCenter.)
2) Install VMware vSphere onto pc from where you want to access the ESX host or VCenter
3) Run VMware vSphere and connect to ESX host server.
4) Type the IP Address of ESX server xxx.xx.x.xx or VCenter and use windows session credit to connect
5) In the ESX console screen or in VMS & Template of VCenter
i) right click and

  1. select create new virtual machine
  2. choose custom option
  3.  choose a name
  4. choose a disk location where image will be stored
  5.  VM version – choose the latest version
  6. choose the guest operating system –most of the time it will be server 2008
  7.  Processor – 1- recommended
  8. Memory – 2 GB
  9. Create network connection- in the NIC option select -> production and choose vmxnet3 adapter
  10.  scsi- default
  11. Select new virtual machine
  12. Disk size – 30 GB recommended
  13. Tick the checkbox edit virtual machine before continue
  • Remove the new floppy drive as it is not wanted
  •  Select CD/DVD; click new CD -> Browse -> Locate the ISO file of operating system you want to install.
  • It is better to have 2 HDD
  • Now finish editing the virtual machine

6) Run the virtual machine. Select the virtual machine you just created and from the console tab you can run the virtual machine. Or there is a icon in the toolbar called up and run VM.
7) After running virtual machine first thing you should do is install VMware tools otherwise new VM will not recognise the network card. VMware tool installs the drivers required for the virtual machine. How to install VMware tools?

  • i) On VM Menu
  • ii) click guest
  • iii) VM tools
  • iv) Select typical settings to install

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