Print Server Management Win 2008

1. To install the printer use the guidelines from the following links

2. To let get the printer in the client machine

  • Printer must has to be shared

3. To see the printer in the active directory

  •  Go to server-> select the printer you want to be listed in the active directory->select properties->click the sharing tab-> check the option –list in the active directory.


4. To set the printer as default use the guidelines from the following links

  • Configure a shared printer item –
  • So what I have done in enable User Group Policy Loop Back Processing under the Computer Configuration > Policies > Admin Templates > System > Group Policy, you can either set that to Merge or Replace. Now what that does is enable you to apply User Configurations to users that log onto those computers that this policy applies to.



1. Cannot install the printer into 32 bit client from 64 bit server.

  • To solve this problem you need the 64 bit and 32 bit driver with the same name. So
  1. Find 64 bit driver for windows server 2008 for example ‘lexmark E342n’
  2. Find 32 bit driver for windows xp for example ‘lexmark E342n’
  • Install 64 bit driver on windows server 2008 selecting- add driver from the print management
  • Install the printer with the new driver ‘lexmark universal’.
  • Select the printer -> Right click->Choose properties->Select sharing tab->add additional driver-> Select the x86-> Ok-> then follow the step and install the 32 bit windows xp ‘lexmark universal’.


  •  Edit the group policy as below:
  1. User configuration->preferences->control panel settings->printer->right click->shared printer->select the printer->common tab->click client target->computer name->type computer name->ok
  • Edit the group policy->computer configuration, to start up the printer connections settings
  • Deploy the printer using the group policy

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