Sencha ( Working with “Label” in Visual Studio 2010

This is my first project working on in VS 2010. Worked with a simple label box. Some important note:

  1. Multiple selection of component like label and then change the property (Like font colour) does not work coz css property using class does not work in VS for
  2. Position of any component must need to defined by div / table html, css. Coz for me, when I had added a submit button after a label and textbox, the submit button does not stay on same line. So I had to control the position by using div + css.
  3. Position are not actual position in VS. Please run the project/website using F5 and then look at the actual output.
  4. Now if you open the cs file and type the Label ID and type dot (.) you can see all property like a standard VS Label appear. 
By simplemsexchange Posted in ASP.NET

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