t-SQL Calculate Percentage

declare @Product table
     ProductID int,
     Color varchar(5)
insert into @Product
     select 1, 'Black' union all
     select 2, 'Red' union all
     select 3, 'Blue' union all
     select 4, 'Black' union all
     select 5, 'Black' union all
     select 6, 'Red' union all
     select 7, 'Grey' union all
     select 8, 'Red' union all
     select 9, 'Blue'

SELECT Color, (COUNT(*)*1.0)/COUNT(*) OVER() AS PercentColor 
FROM @Product 


Color   PercentColor
-----  -----------------------
Black  0.750000000000
Blue   0.500000000000
Grey   0.250000000000
Red    0.750000000000
By simplemsexchange Posted in SQL 2008

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