SQL 2008 :: Relational Database :: How to add a Foreign Key Constraints Using Query And Graphically

Using t-SQL:

We already have 2 tables:

ProductID - int-primary key-indexed
Name - nvarchar(15)
testProductAttributeID- int-primary key-indexed

Now we would like to create a foreign key relationship between these 2 tables. Key benefit is that, if there is a attribute data for a product in testProductAttribute table, we will not be able delete the record from Product table. (Off-course we can change this option)

ALTER TABLE testProductAttribute
REFERENCES Product(ProductID)

Using Graphically:

First of all, we want to delete the previously created Foreign Key:

ALTER TABLE testProductAttribute
DROP CONSTRAINT  FK__testProdu__Produ__38996AB5

FK__testProdu__Produ__38996AB5 is the system generated name for our previous query which can be different and we can find the name from “Keys” folder of the testProductAttribute table.

Now please go through as follows:


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