SSRS change shared datasource to a different server steps

To re-deploy the shared data source in Business Intelligence Development Studio, please refer to the steps below:

1.   Right click the Report Server project name in the Solution Explorer pane, select Properties.

2.   Specify the folder name for the shared data source to the TargetDataSourceFolder property. If the shared data source already exists on the Report Server, please be aware to specify OverwriteDataSources to True. Then click OK.

3.   Right click the shared data source in the Solution Explorer, select Deploy.

To check the data source of the report, please following the steps:

1.   In the Report Manager, navigate to the Properties page of the report.

2.   Select the Data Sources tab.

3.   Make sure to the option A shared data source is checked, and the path is correct. If not, click the Browse button to re-specify the shared data source location.

4.   Click Apply.



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