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By on December 18th, 2009

One good feature in SQL server Reporting Services is ToolTip . It is a simple feature but has more advantages if you want to show the complete information in a report. Its a great way of saving some Reporting space.I use it when Designing Dashboards or if you want add the redundant columns like the Description fields.

Here is an example from AdventureWorks.

SQL script

	pp.Name ,
        pp.Class ,
        pp.Color ,
        pp.FinishedGoodsFlag ,
        pp.ListPrice ,
        pp.Style ,
        pd.Description AS [Description] ,
        psc.Name AS SubCategoryName ,
        pc.Name AS CategoryName
        FROM    Production.ProductDescription pd
        JOIN Production.ProductModelProductDescriptionCulture pmpdc
				ON pd.ProductDescriptionID = pmpdc.ProductDescriptionID
        JOIN Production.Product pp ON pp.ProductModelID = pmpdc.ProductModelID
        JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory psc
				 ON psc.ProductSubcategoryID = pp.ProductSubcategoryID
        JOIN Production.ProductCategory pc
				 ON pc.ProductCategoryID = psc.ProductCategoryID
        WHERE pmpdc.CultureID = 'en'
ORDER BY pp.Name

Report Layout


I have not included the Category and SubCategory field in the above report . Instead I have included this as ToolTip

a. Right Click on the ProductNumber Text box
b. TextBox Properties –> ToolTip


I added the following expression for Category and SubCategory


So when you hover over the ProductID, the end result is


You can do the same thing for large descriptive fields




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