Adding FULLTEXT Structures to Database

1. Start SQL Server Management Studio

2. Click the New Query button to open the query editor, and create the FULLTEXT catalog using the following

3. Now that the FULLTEXT catalog is set up, it’s time to create the FULLTEXT indexes in our tables. Using
SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the Table1(we want to add full text on this table) table and select Design.

4. From the Table Designer menu, choose Full-text Index. In the window that shows up, click Add to add
a new FULLTEXT index.

5. You need to specify the columns of the Table1 table that you want indexed. Open the column selector
window (by clicking the “…” button), and select the Col1 and Col2 columns.

6. Finally, click Close, and then press Ctrl+S to save the changes to the table. Now open a new query
window and execute the following query to ensure the index is working as expected:
FROM Table1
WHERE Contains (Col1, ‘FORMSOF(INFLECTIONAL, Young)’, LANGUAGE ‘English’)


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