OpenCart Install VQMOD to install all extensions

Lots of extention in Opencart is developed in VQMOD. To install VQMOD:

STEP 1 : Download vQmod

  1. Download VqMOD: From Here
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Upload vQmod to root directory vqmod

STEP 2 : Install vQmod

  1. After upload run the installation by running install file through :

You will see vQmod INSTALLED message


Extension Installation

(Collected from this site: )

Your vQmod is installed and you are ready to install a vQmod based extension.

STEP 3 : Download the extension

STEP 4 : Extract the file and upload the content in your root directory.

STEP 5 : Go to your admin Extensions>Modules you will see the module in the list.

  • All vQmod based extensions will have vQmod folder. This folder will add new extension files within vQmod folder already present on the server. You have to simply dump the extension files on FTP.

STEP 6 :

  • Within admin go to Extensions.
  • You will find the extension listed. You will also find Install link. Click install link to install the module.

STEP 7 :

  • After installation, click on the edit link and set the setting for a module.

STEP 8 :

  • Go to frontend to see the module working.

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