Configure Cisco 2900 Series Router

Details Config link is here


Router> en

Router# config t

Router(config)# hostname myrouter

Router(config)# enable password pswd2

Router(config)# enable secret greentree

Router# show ip interface brief

Router# configure terminal

Router(config)# interface gigabitethernet 0/0

Router(config-if)# description GE int to 2nd floor south wing

Router(config-if)# ip address

Router(config-if)# no shutdown


Router(config)# ip routing

Router(config)# ip route

Router(config)# ip route

Router(config)# ip route

Router# show ip route




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Backup and restore PIX 515e v7

Please use this with your own responsibility:


This is the procedure to copy a configuration from a PIX to a TFTP server, and back to PIX.

  1. Select and copy the PIX running configuration file to the TFTP server:
    pix#copy running-config tftp
    Address or name of remote host []?
    Destination filename [pix-confg]? backup_cfg_for_pix
    1030 bytes copied in 2.489 secs (395 bytes/sec)
  2. Select and copy the configuration file from the TFTP server to a same PIX in privileged (enable) mode, which has a basic configuration.
    pix#copy tftp running-config
    Address or name of remote host []?
    Source filename []? backup_cfg_for_pix
    Destination filename [running-config]?
    Accessing tftp://
    Loading backup_cfg_for_pix from (via Ethernet0): !
    [OK - 1030 bytes]
    1030 bytes copied in 9.612 secs (107 bytes/sec)
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