Sharepoint Step by Step Configuration

How do I learn Sharepoint?

  1. Central Administrationà
    1. Use Configuration Wizard to create a farm
    2. Create a site collection
    3. Check the status of the site: open Internet ExploreràIn the address bar type: server name
      1. Designing web parts
  2. Application Managementà
    1. You can view all sites already created
  3. Securityà
    1. Creating administrative group by –Approve or reject distribution group
    2. Create user by – Web application user policy
  4. Backup & Restore
  5. Integrating reporting server to sharepoint server
    1. Configure SQL Server R2 à Reporting services configuration manager
    2. Configure Sharepoint à Add a sql server report – web part


Step By Step Installation SharePoint 2010 in a Virtual Machine Win 08 R2

Reff:  I had followed Apress Microsoft SharePoint.

Steps are:

1. VMware Player

2. Fresh Installation of Windows 2008 R2 64 bit (I did standard edition)

3. Update windows server 2008

4. Install “Active Directory Domain services” role

5. Run dcpromo.exe to install and configure DNS and create a new forest

6. Dont worry if you do not have a static IP configured for your server. It will give you some warning message but it will work.

7.  After reboot, add “application server”role.

8. Add “HTTP activation” as part of “application server” feature. When finished with this installation, reboot your virtual machine.

8. Because you want to do SharePoint development, Next install Visual Studio 2010

9. Install SQL 2008 R2 Developer edition. Select all features as folows:

10. In database configuration, choose to enabled mixed mode authentication, and add the currently logged in user, “administrator” as a SQL server administrator.

11. In analysis services configuration and reporting services configuration, add the current user, “administrator” as the administrator

12. Download sharepoint server from

Note: The trial serial key is in the same link.

13. Run the SharePoint server installation. First, install software prerequisites then install sharepoint server

14.  On the last screen you’re prompted to run the SharePoint products and technologies configuration wizard as shown in Figure

15. Do not close & run “sharepoint configuration wizard”

  • Create a service account called sp_admin (Best option to avoid this steps and use domain administrator account for the new sharepoint learner)
  1. Create a new account in your active directory in “users” organizational unit called sp_admin with administrator privilege.
  2. In the local SQL Server database (Using SQL Server Management Studio) create a login from he Security tab of left menu. Give all permission (mainly DBCreator and DBSecurity roles) to sp_admin.
  3. Choose a password
  • Now start the “sharepoint configuration wizard”
  1. Create a new server farm
  2. put the
    database server name: (Your Server Name)
    user: domain name\sp_admin and
    password you just created in previous step
  3. Specify port 40000 for central administration. If you prefer a different number that’s fine. (Choose a port number normally not used by any applications.)
  4. Select “Negotiate (kerberos)” authentication. Picking Kerberos authentication will require you to perform certain additional steps on your machine.
  5. If everything goes okay, it should be looking similar like below. Click next and it will take around 5/10 mins to finish the configuration.
  6. Once complete, the SharePoint Central Administration will open to give you option to configure your farm. If domain\Administrator (Or sp_admin) does not work with the password, try localhost\Administrator with the same password. For me, it worked with localhost and did not work with domain name.
  7. In this screen, choose an existing managed account. This screen will automatically configure all managed services for you. Ensure that everything except the lotus connector is checked.
  8. Once Completed, SharePoint will prompt you to create a site collection. Create a site collection using the blank site definition.
  9. All done. By clicking on Finish, we should get our SharePoint Home Screen. Its not the site administration.

Reff:  I had followed Apress Microsoft SharePoint.

Access Network Shared Folder SharePoint 2010

I could only work with only IE 7+. Firefox did not work for me.
1. Add a Page Viewer Web Part to the page. (Locate “Media and Content” Categories when adding a webpart)
2. Click on “Open the tool pane”
3. In the tools pane, Select “Folder”
4. Point the Page Viewer Web Part to file://\\Servername\FolderName\
5. OK.