SSRS: Repeat rows of a table, if they break across a page

how to repeat rows of a table, if they break across a page.  In the grouping section/pane, turn on advanced, so you can see the static lines:


When you select one of those, you will see the border around at least 1 cell of the row that you are selecting, in the table you are on:


On the properties pane you will see RepeatOnNewPage. Set that to True:


I verified that this does work, as long as the table is built properly.

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List all SSRS subscriptions

USE [ReportServer];  -- You may change the database name. 
SELECT USR.UserName AS SubscriptionOwner 
      ,SCH.Name AS ScheduleName       
      ,CAT.[PathAS ReportPath 
      ,CAT.[DescriptionAS ReportDescription 
FROM dbo.Subscriptions AS SUB 
     INNER JOIN dbo.Users AS USR 
         ON SUB.OwnerID = USR.UserID 
     INNER JOIN dbo.[CatalogAS CAT 
         ON SUB.Report_OID = CAT.ItemID 
     INNER JOIN dbo.ReportSchedule AS RS 
         ON SUB.Report_OID = RS.ReportID 
            AND SUB.SubscriptionID = RS.SubscriptionID 
     INNER JOIN dbo.Schedule AS SCH 
         ON RS.ScheduleID = SCH.ScheduleID 


DataSet panel in SSRS designer (BIDS or SQL Server Data Tools for SQL 2012) is gone

Dataset not showing in the left side ?

If you are using BIDS with SQL 2008 R2 you can only get the “Report Data” menu by clicking inside the actual report layout itself.

  1. Click inside the actual report layout.
  2. Now select “View” from the main menu bar.
  3. Now select “Report Data” which is the last item.


SSRS Conditional Changing Text Color

To make the contents of a text box render negative values in red for a field called Profit, open the Properties pane and use the following expression in the Color property:

=IIF(Fields!Profit.Value < 0, “Red”, “Black”)

To alternate the background color for every other row in a table, you can set the BackgroundColor property for each text box in the row to the same conditional expression. This technique works for detail rows only in a table with no groups.

=IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) MOD 2, “PaleGreen”, “White”)


Or for details look at this reff:

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